Local Business Marketing – Overview

Stark Logic specializes in internet marketing which includes both national and local campaigns.  Regardless of where your target market is located (nationally or locally), there are different areas of real estate in the search results that you can target.  For this discussion, we will go over the areas in Google’s search engine since that engine accounts for 65% of all searches done online.


Google Places is Google’s local search directory which pulls listings from all of the business directories on the web.  In Google’s search results, a local business has three different places they can market; 1) The pay per click ads at the top and on the right, 2) The Google places results in the middle of the page just below the pay per clicks, and 3) the organic/middle listings that can be found either above or below the Google Places results.


As a local company, you need to create different marketing strategies for each location.  The pay per click ads are great because you can target companies based on a geographical location.  However, these ads can be quite expenses.  The Google Places and organic results are both free when people click on the links, but they take longer to get solid rankings.


Once you decide where you want to be, then comes the planning for each one.


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